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Hellenic Golf FederationHellenic International Junior Golf Championship 2022

Hellenic Golf Federation Hellenic International Junior Golf Championship 2022 Closing Ceremony with our distinguished guests: - Mr. Avgenakis, Minister of Sports - Mr. Segkos, Mayor of Hersonissos - Mr. Milakis, President of the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Chersonissos - Mrs. Maragaki, Vice President of the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Chersonissos - Mrs. Galanopoulou, Head of Communication, Sports Consultant, Region of Attica - Mr. Tzelilis, Olympic Champion, World Weightlifting Champion - Mrs. Giannikaki, Track and Field Champion - Mr. Kritikos, Golf Operation Manager, Navarino Hills - Mr. Halabalakis, President of the Crete Golf Club - Mrs. Koutsantonaki, Secretary General of the Crete Golf Club We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all countries participated in the 6th edition of the Hellenic International Junior Golf Championship, which was not only a runway success, but was also a great bonding for all athletes. As we draw down the curtain to this year’s installment of this tournament, we do it so with more than a sense of collective achievement. This tournament has proven once again that golf has become one of the power instruments to unite people from diverse backgrounds and from across the world. Despite the weather conditions on the first day, which interfered with the flow of the game, we are happy that the rain did not dampen your spirits. After all, in our culture we say that when sky is openthis is a sign for great things to happen. Four days before, all athletes were standing here as islanders carrying their flags. Yesterday they were standing within their sport and they were surrounded by old and new friends. They have defeated some of them and they have lost against others, but that’s what makes them all friends. That’s how sport works. We would like to thank our Sponsors: - Aegean Airlines - The Crete Golf Course - Municipality of Hersonissos - Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Chersonissos Also, we would like to thank all the contributors to the closing ceremony: - Mrs Mathioudaki for the lovely workshop about chocolate from carob tree - Dictamus - Makridaki & Makatounakis Ellie Company - ΔΙΑΚΡΗΤΙΚΕΣ ΓΕΥΣΕΙΣ - ΔΙΑ ΧΕΙΡΟΣ ΣΕΒΑΣΤΗΣ To keep this tournament alive in our memories we presented medals (made from wood) to all athletes, to remember their participation. The Olympic Champion, Mr Tzelilis and the Track and Field Champion, Mrs. Giannikaki presented the medals,starting with the athletes of Egypt, Cyprus, and finally from Greece. The President of the Hellenic Golf Federation Mr. Tokas presented award plaques to our distinguished guests and contributors to our Championship. - To Mr. Segkos, Mayor of Hersonissos, for his continuous support - To Mr. Milakis, President of the Municipal Public Benefit Enterprise of Chersonissos, for co-organizing this championship - To Mr. Sotiropoulos, General Manager of the Crete golf Course, for his hospitality and support Championship Winners BOYS GROSS WINNER Tsiridis Aimilios Greece RUNNER UP Kryshchuk Fedir Cyprus GIRLS GROSS WINNER Aspetaki Hara Greece RUNNER UP Menegou Natalia Greece BOYS NET WINNER Sofianos Konstantinos Greece RUNNER UP Zoitsis Ioannis Greece GIRLS NET WINNER Mia Hussein Egypt RUNNER UP Talia Samir Egypt Whether you have won a medal or not, you are all winners. Winning or losing in sports is not at all important. The happiness originating from the participation in sports is a highly cherished trophy. Congratulations to all athletes participated in this championship and especially to winners! Finally, we would like to thank everyone supporting this tournament and we promise that we will continue to support all young athletes and follow our goals for making our sport even greater. #hellenicgolffederation #HGF #hellenicolympiccommittee #ΓενικηΓραμματειαΑθλητισμου #TogetherWeCan #κοινωφεληςεπιχειρησηκεδχ #δημοςχερσονησου #crete #hellenicinternationaljuniorgolfchampionship #ελληνικοδιεθνεςπρωταθλημαγκολφεφηβων #ελλαδα #greece

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