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The USGA and The R&A have collaborated with the six existing world handicapping authorities to create a single set of Rules for Handicapping. The new World Handicap System will enable golfers of different abilities to play and compete on a fair and equal basis, no matter how or where they play.

From the WHS – “Golf is an outdoor sport and not always played in ideal conditions. The new system will consider the impact of daily course or weather conditions on each golfers performance.”Moving to an 8 of 20 system will allow for greater responsiveness to good scores…” “Since players with a higher Handicap Index tend to have more fluctuation within their scoring records , using 8 of 20 will allow their better scores to weigh more heavily…” From the USGA – “It is a daily statistical procedure that compares the scores submitted by players on the day against expected scoring patterns.” WORLD HANDICAP SYSTEM WE ARE READY!

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